Local Heros – Web Designers Supporting the Nashville Community

The state of Tennessee is known as the “Volunteer State” because in the war of 1812 there were soldiers in Tennessee who volunteered to fight against New Orleans. Today the state of Tennessee is far from being at war with other cities or states, however that isn’t to say they aren’t fighting against things like poverty, hunger, drugs and other important issues that are ruining society today.

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to look at several companies supporting Nashville and found one in particular that stood out. The company is called Nashville Web Design by Zing (sometimes referred to as Nashville Web Design). They are donating profits from their company to support local non-profit campaings in the area. While most companies are focused highly on driving up profits and making cuts to those things which don’t contribute, Erick and his team are working diligently to make their home town a pleasant area.

We had the chance to speak with Charlie at NWD and asked him a few questions about the things they care about. Charlie is a web designer on the team and has over 12 years experience in design and coding. He told us that there are a lot of homeless people in Nashville and that it isn’t uncommon to see them using drugs. Because of that NWD and the team really works hard to get the drugs off the street. They donate to a group of volunteers who hand out informational pamphlets to the local community, educating them on the importance of keeping clean.

Charlie also tells us that every time he builds a website he knows that there are probably 3 people who are becoming clean. It’s a motivation that you don’t usually get at your day job. He said that you can scan through the entire Nashville Chamber of Commerce and you probably aren’t going to find a company as effective in handling the issues of Nashville quite like Nashville Web Design by Zing. Every person on the team takes pride knowing that their work is making a cleaner and happier community.

We asked Billy (Chief Web Engineer) what his thoughts were and what other campaings are being supported. Billy said that one of his favorite things to support is the criminal reform program. He said that whenever he makes a website he likes knowing that there are inmates who are learning to come back into society and becoming of value to the community. This particular program is apparently one of the most effective programs in the country!

Billy also told us that the company is fighting for human rights on a daily basis. He said this particular issue is one of the most popular among the clients who hire Nashville Web Design. However, Billy tells us that most of the contractor web design work that they do amounts to getting donations for criminal reform more than anything else.

Nashville Web Design specializes in all forms of website building and they are available for hire. I’m thankful to have had the chance to meet such an awesome group of people and I really wish them the best in their business!

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