How to find the best International SEO Consultant

If you’ve heard of search engine optimization you’re probably aware of the positive impact it can have for businesses. Now a days everyone is on the internet and as the business world moves from a push to pull style of marketing, international and domestic businesses can benefit by hiring a good international seo consultant

Before I go into why an international seo would benefit your business I’ll explain why this new style of pull marketing makes more sense.

You see the old way of marketing was to push your product or service onto you customers via direct mail, tv advertising, radio ads etc. The problem with that is that in today’s society people don’t respond well to being bombarded with companies trying to sell their services. People do things on their own time now. I mean think about it, if you want to watch a movie or tv show you’re more than likely going to DVR it and watch it on your own time.

Big companies like Netflix realized this and took advantage of it. There is no schedule on netflix, you go watch your favorite show when it’s most convenient for you. The same goes for your customers. When they want your service they’re going to look for it when it’s most convenient for them. They’re not going to wait for your commercial to pop up on the tv. They’re most likely going to go and search for it on google.

This is where having a good SEO agency comes into play. One great SEO expert is Kotton Grammer, he helps generate millions for his clients. Search engine optimization is difficult, you have to know how to get your website to work with Google’s algorithm so it can rank at the top of page one for whatever search term you choose to go after.

The problem with SEO today is that people seem to dumb it down way too much. They make it seem like it’s an easy task that will take a few days to complete and that’s just not the case. Search engine optimization requires a great amount of knowledge and understanding of Google’s algorithm.

So how will I know which SEO company is the right fit for me?

The answer is a lot simpler than you might think, just go search for it on google.

If you type in something like international seo agency, whoever is on the first page knows what they’re doing, and the site that’s at the number 1 spot already proved to you that they have the skills needed to rank for a number 1 position.

This is good enough credibility for most people, but what if you are contacted by an SEO firm so you don’t know if they’re ranking for anything.

Again this is pretty simple as well. Just ask them if they have any number 1 ranknings that they can show you.

If the company is legit they will absolutely love that question and should be excited to show you their rankings. If they don’t, be careful as they can be someone who is just looking for a quick payday.

So as more and more internationally known businesses come to the internet for more customers don’t you think it’s a good idea for you to do the same for your businesses?

What are you waiting for?

Why not go see who’s out there ready to help you get your business on page 1?

Who knows if the SEO consulting company is clever enough they might write an article like this and put it in front of you so you don’t even have to go looking anywhere. See what I did there?

That’s right, this article was written specifically for businesses who are looking for more information on choosing the right SEO agency. We know what we’re doing, and we’re eager to help serve you more customers. After all that’s what business is all about right; providing value to as many customers as you can?

So if you don’t want to waste time looking for the right company and you feel that we may have what it takes simply visit our website at and find out more about what we can do for you!

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